Interview With Dan Anderson, Head of Florida Division of Insurance Fraud

Appointed this February, Dan Anderson began his career as a Florida law enforcement officer.  As a 25-year veteran of the Drug Enforcement Agency, Anderson now heads the Florida Department of Financial Services, Division of Insurance Fraud.  In an interview with the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud, Anderson explains the effect of stricter clinic licensing requirements in Hillsborough County and the Miami-Dade County PIP ordinance we mentioned in a previous post.  Anderson also had this to say about the expected effects of the yet to be signed amended PIP law:

I think one of the potential game changers is the prohibition on billings. One of the bigger problems over the last few years was the explosion of clinics owned by massage therapists, many of whom we have proven to be straw owners and obtaining false exemptions from the AHCA license requirements. If the massage therapists can no longer bill, it could dramatically affect a large percentage of the PIP fraud that exists. This is not to say that all massage therapists are bad or committing fraud, but it is clear from our investigations and information collected by the Insurance Consumer Advocate at CFO Atwater’s direction that many have played a substantial role.

The other game changer is the limit of PIP benefits to $2,500 unless declared an emergency medical condition. It cuts down on the profit margin of the accident clinics, which have been paying large sums to recruit patients. This takes a big bite out of their ability to pay for patients, as their pool from which that money is drawn from dwindles.

We are also looking forward to the formation of the PIP Fraud Strike Force. This Strike Force, along with DIF, will look for ways to reduce fraud in the system. This group of dedicated professionals will be an additional tool in our fight against PIP fraud and will be able to accept donations for additional on-the-ground resources for law enforcement and state attorneys in the ongoing fight against PIP fraud.

The full interview is available here.

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