Office Manager of Two Chiropractic Clinics, Maria Molina, Pleads Guilty to Mail Fraud Conspiracy, Submitting False Claims for Staged Accidents

Maria “Cary” Molina of West Palm beach plead guilty to one count of “mail fraud conspiracy” in Federal court last Thursday.  Molina was accused of perpetrating an insurance fraud scheme at two chiropractic clinics, OVY Rehabilitation Medical Center and HHR Medical Center, where Molina served as an office manager.  Records indicate Molina submitted bills for individuals known to be involved in staged motor vehicle accidents.  Prosecutors stated that the clinics received $540,000 from PIP insurers as a result of the fraud.

Molina’s co-defendant, Obelio “Ovy” Rodriguez, 43, has been declared a fugitive.

The full report from the Sun-Sentinel is available here.

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