Jacksonville Man Gets 15 Years in Prison for Insurance Fraud Scheme

David Rodriguez Lopez, the Jacksonville man who was found guilty of an insurance fraud scheme involving 30 people and a staged car crash, was recently sentenced to 15 years in prison, according to a December 6th news item on First Coast News.

As our FL-PIP blog post titled “Jacksonville Man Found Guilty of Insurance Fraud Scheme” previously reported on October 9, Lopez was convicted of schemes to defraud over $50,000, filing false insurance claims totaling over $100,000, and helping stage a deliberate automobile accident.

Lopez was the owner of Indian Rehabilitation Center, Inc. (IRCI).  He operated his licensed massage therapy clinic behind-the-scenes from March through October 2012, until the Florida State Attorney’s Office and Florida’s Division of Insurance Fraud closed the clinic.

The Attorney’s Office revealed that cohorts in Lopez’s scheme would recruit potential “victims” to stage accidents and get treatment at IRCI.  After providing false treatment for fictional injuries, the clinic would then bill insurance companies.  More than $228,000 was billed by the clinic.

Lopez also directed a straw owner on the deceptive practices at the clinic, controlled IRCI’s bank accounts, and gave instruction on how to go after insurance companies.

Investigators spent six months searching for Lopez, finally discovering him at a secluded fish farm outside of Tampa before arresting him.

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