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Weston Doctor Sentenced for Conspiring to Illegally Distribute Oxycodone

Dr. Rodolfo Gonzalez Garcia was sentenced to eight years in prison for conspiring to dispense oxycodone, a charge to which he had previously pled guilty. Dr. Gonzalez Garcia and his co-defendants, including his wife Arlene Gonzalez, admitted to using a Hialeah medical office to provide prescriptions for the controlled substance, even though he did not conduct meaningful examinations to prescribe oxycodone appropriately. Dr. Gonzalez Garcia referred to himself as “El Chapo of Oxycodone.”

Co-defendants Arlene Gonzalez and Annie Suarez-Gonzalez pled guilty to conspiracy to pay and receive health care kickbacks. They were sentenced to 4 months in prison and one year of probation each. Co-defendant Fidel Marrero-Castellanos pled guilty to conspiracy to pay and receive health care kickbacks and conspiracy to distribute controlled substances. He was sentenced to 13 months in prison. The co-defendants were ordered to pay a total of $26,306 in restitution.

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Insurance and Tort Case Law Update Published in Trial Advocate

Check out the Insurance and Tort Case Law Update by Tampa Partner, Miguel Roura and John Miller (Henderson, Franklin, Starnes & Holt, P.A.) published in FDLA’s Trial Advocate.

TA 2019 Vol 38 No 3 - web

The Insurance and Tort Case Law Update was originally presented by Miguel and John at the 2019 Florida Liability Claims Conference.

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Florida Officials Arrested for Allegedly Bilking FEMA

Lynn Haven’s former City Manager Michael White and former community services director David Horton were arrested and charged with conspiring with two businesses to bilk the federal government out of $5 million in Hurricane Michael cleanup money. Erosion Control Specialists owner David White and employee Shannon Rodriguez, and Greenleaf Lawn Care owner Joshua Anderson were arrested as well.

According to U.S. Attorney Lawrence Keefe, the former Lynn Haven officials approved false invoices from Erosion Control and Greenleaf for work they performed, including wrapping presents, preparing a site for a Halloween party, and cleaning the private homes of several city officials. The officials approved payments to the companies and then sought reimbursement from FEMA. The 35-count indictment includes charges of wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, theft and honest services fraud.

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Man Arrested and Extradited to Florida for Posing as Doctor in Kissimmee

Ozioma Maduka was arrested and charged with allegedly diagnosing and treating patients as a health care professional with a license at Osceola Injury Center in Kissimmee. He is also accused of fraudulent billing for unlicensed medical treatments. Maduka’s medical license expired in 2017.

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Florida Panhandle Struggles to Recover from Hurricane Michael

Thousands are still struggling to recover from Hurricane Michael in the Florida Panhandle. The Category 5 storm left 22,000 of Bay County’s residents homeless and few affordable living spaces available. With nearly $7 billion in total insurance losses, about 1 in 6 insurance claims remain unresolved. There is reportedly a mental health crisis and a shortage of healthcare professionals as well.

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Florida Lawyer Collects Almost $1M in Fake Lawsuit Settlements

A Davie lawyer, Stuart Finkelstein, was arrested on Tuesday for collecting nearly $1M by filing over 300 unauthorized lawsuits on behalf of disabled Americans in New York and Florida. Finkelstein allegedly stole the identities of two individuals and filed lawsuits claiming they were unable to access public establishments that they had never tried to go in. Neither of the people had ever hired Finklestein as an attorney to represent them.

Finkelstein made false representations to small businesses, obstructed official judicial proceedings, and then settled the fake lawsuits to collect about $930,000 in attorney fees. Micheline Gaulin, a restaurant owner in Manhattan’s West Village, told the NY Post that she paid over $18,000 in a settlement to Finklestein in which she called “a legal shakedown.”

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South Florida Insurance Agent Arrested in Senior Annuity Scam

South Florida insurance agent Alberto Soulier was arrested for allegedly selling a fictitious annuity policy to a senior citizen. Soulier presented false annuity documents and pocketed approximately $99,000 in premiums from the victim.

Soulier was charged with Misappropriated Insurance Funds, Organized Scheme to Defraud, and Grand Theft and could face up to 75 years in prison if convicted.

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Unlicensed Florida Doctor Arrested For Unlicensed Medical Treatments and Fraudulent Billing

Ozioma Maduka of Osceola Injury Center, LLC was arrested for allegedly practicing healthcare without an active, valid Florida medical doctor’s license as well as fraudulently billing unlicensed medical treatments. Maduka billed two insurance companies for more than $4,400 in claims for unlicensed treatment of auto accident victims.

Maduka could face up to 5 years in prison if convicted.

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Florida Doctor Arrested for Allegedly Defrauding Nine Auto Insurers

According to a statement from the Florida Department of Financial Services, Dr. Celestino Santi was arrested for allegedly defrauding nine auto insurance companies our of more than $500,000 in unlicensed medical billing.

Investigators reveal that Santi was allegedly acting as a “straw owner” of Accident Care Center of Boggy Creek to disguise the identity of the unlicensed, true owner of the motor vehicle accident medical treatment center.

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Perry Police Searching for Possible Windshield Scammers

Police in Perry, FL are receiving reports about possible scammers billing insurance companies for windshield repairs but not completing the work. The reports say that two people claim to work for “At Home Auto Glass” out of Sarasota. Police are working to identify the suspects.

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