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Driver Error and Tesla Autopilot to Blame for 2018 Crash

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), driver errors and Tesla’s Autopilot design may be the cause of a crash involving Tesla’s Model and a parked fire truck in California. The NTSB cited the driver’s “inattention and over-reliance” noting that the driver kept his hands off the wheel for the majority of a 13 minute and 48-second trip.

Tesla’s Autopilot was engaged during at least three fatal U.S. crashes. However, Tesla says their owners have driven billions of miles with Autopilot engaged and that its data “indicates that drivers using Autopilot remain safer than those operating without assistance.”

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Tesla Announced Launch of Its Insurance

Tesla announced the launched of its own insurance and claims that it will provide customers with lower rates because of the safety features in its vehicles. According to Tesla, “because Tesla knows its vehicles best, Tesla Insurance is able to leverage the advanced technology, safety, and serviceability of our cars to provide insurance at a lower cost.”

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IIHS Confirmed Tesla’s Claims About Reducing Injury Liability Claims with Autopilot

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has confirmed Tesla’s claim that its Autopilot and active safety features result in ‘fewer physical damage, injury liability claims.’ However, IIHS also found that the introduction of these features could increase other kinds of claims.

The combined driver assistance features on the 2014–16 Model S lowered the frequency of claims filed under property damage liability (PDL) and bodily injury (BI) liability coverage with the 2012–14 Model S without the technology. However, IIHS didn’t find that they lowered the frequency of collision claims. They also saw increases in MedPay and PIP claims.

Highway Loss Data Institute’s senior vice president, Matt Moore, admits that they would need more data to really understand the effect of Autopilot.

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