different is a fresh approach

“Presenting legal solutions in a guy-next-door, straight talk fashion means we bring a fresh approach to the practice of law.”

different means we are straight shooters

“While we don’t take ourselves seriously, we take what we do seriously. We believe we get better results by telling it like it is, straight up.”

different means people first

“We are people first and lawyers second and believe that our passion makes an insurmountable difference to our clients and their results.”

different is daring to be non-traditional

“We are the anti-lawyers. . .not defined by the status quo, hampered in our creativity or inhibited by the traditional attorney mold.”

different is soulful

“We are salt-of-the-earth and impassioned by our clients and the work we do for them.”

different requires uncommon character

“Our integrity and strong moral compass drives us to always do the right thing. . . even when no one is looking.”

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